X This

You know, I’ve never been one to jump on a trend, but I think that, stylistically, I can hold my own. Time, sleeplessness and budget notwithstanding, I think that, in writing as well as dress, I can kind of, almost, keep pace with what the kids think is cool (or, did last year).

So, imagine my surprise, when, thanks to some lovely ladies in whose company I delightfully found myself last night, I realized that I had TOTALLY missed the boat on something hot.

I was totally schooled. And like, seriously, this was remedial shit, apparently.

Did you know – did you KNOW – that nobody signs off with ‘xo’ anymore?

Dude, it’s just ‘x’ now.

x – small x.

No pussy ‘o’ holding x’s hand, definitely no lame-ass ‘xoxo’ and – trust me on this one, folks – absofuckinglutely not a (((HUGS))).


My goddamn standard sign-off has been a sincere, ‘xok’ forever, and I’m only NOW discovering that I make myself look like your granny has been responding to all of your emails?

Seriously, do you know how crushed I am to learn that, in the trendmaking world of blog-comment sign-off, I am about as cool as someone who spends their time furthering the status and innovation of blog comment sign off getting fat for publicity.

That’s it. From now on, it’s xk.


That’s kisses to you, motherhuggers.



  1. x
    right back at ya ;
    is winking still cool?

  2. These hips mean that I'm a hipster right? x

  3. I thought that was uncool for YEARS.. at least in Europe. My grandmother used to sign her letters with xxxooo... like 15 years ago!

    But you're right, now it's x here too. It used to be xxx as Dutch always give 3 kisses. Now, xxx means something else I guess :)

  4. Nadine - I like xxx waaaaaay better.

  5. Hey! I could use xk, too!

    heh heh


  6. F*ck that sh*t. I don't know how you TO ladies do it, but down here we still sign off w/ xo.

    Because hugs are important, dammit.


  7. it's just x? i/m with chicky. i thought it was xo.

    however, we could totally bag the trend. just go o.



  8. now even MORE PISSED OFF that I missed book club.

    I loved the book. It made me love you more that you loved it. I got to go to the other (old lady) book club tonight and both my friends want to read it.

  9. I prefer hugs to kisses and who doesn't want an O, really? o ooo oooo

  10. omg, Mad - you are totally right. Why, oh why would a woman EVER deny themselves an 'o?' That's it; I'm keeping O - and mine's going caps.

  11. Style be damned. I am xoA and it will stay that way. Lately, I've been xoxoA, but then, I LOVE Gossip Girl. No, I mean I really love it. I want to marry it.

  12. blah, blah, blogFebruary 13, 2009

    I still fondly remember when you and I shifted from a more formal email sign off to xok & xoS, and I knew we'd taken an important step in our blossoming friendship. Sigh.

    I think I'm going to have to hang on to it, too. Give it a year and it will be retro-cool.

  13. Or if you are cool like GGC, she signs off "kisses on your cheeks" - so yah, x() maybe? or x()x ?

    Or if you're being rude, how about this one: ..|..

  14. I missed the book club meeting and lessons in e-mail etiquette?
    Sucks to be me!

  15. But xo rhymes with HALEY-O! I sign off all my blog posts like that! EEK. I'm in trouble. Or, do I dare to be remain UNTRENDY? I guess I could always do OO Haley-O. I don't even like "Haley-O" anymore, anyway. Maybe should just cut it all down to x Haley.... Will have to blog about this.... Hang tight everyone! ;) Heh.

  16. yeah well.

  17. I think xo is still in...after all Gossip Girl still uses it!


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