Because I Am a Woman of Many Dimensions

I've hinted that I am a crafter, but I am really just that - a hint of a crafter. I am definitely more bitch than stitch, and most of my crafting attempts have been laid to waste in piles of unravelling yarn along the path of good intentions (I wrote about it a couple of years ago), but I think I've hit upon a craft I might just stick with.

To whit, I've completed 5 pieces (that's 5 finishes in crafter-speak), and am currently working on 3 others, excited about them all.

I'm not that good at it, but now that I've finally given my latest project to the person I made it for, I wanted to share:

Isn't that little guy cute? I got the pattern from one of my very favourite Etsy stores, Expression Essentials.

May the baby (and mama) that it is intended for be happy, healthy and know how much they are loved.



  1. Hoo rules and kick-ass at cross-stich? YOU HOO! Dang girl, I'm super impressed. Can you do skull and crossbones too?

  2. That is totallynfantastic (and I love the etsy store - cross stitch sushi? I may just have to try my hand at one of those).

    Long live the cult of crazy cross-stitch ladies!

  3. Even cuter in person, I say! Thank you for sharing your craftiness with us - can't wait to try it on the new babe!
    lots of love right back at you...

  4. That's so cute! Great job.
    SO you work full time, have two small kiddos, prepare home-cooked healthy meals everyday, write witty blogs and you still find time to do stuff like this??!!
    I'm seriously in awe.
    You rock.

  5. PG - we ordered Thai food last night.

  6. I love the fact that you are a fuck you lady in the parking lot kinda crafting blog betch.

  7. that is very cute.
    Perhaps we should stitch while we bitch about books. At the very least it would keep me from shoveling so much chocolate down my throat.

  8. 'scute!

    Have you seen the site about subversive x-stitch? You would like it...

    My current fave bib says, "Give peas a chance" - if you want to borrow that for a future one. Also, I own about a billion pattern books, if you are ever looking for sthg.

  9. that is a bitchin' bib. I've got some envy of your crafty skills- and the recipient of the fruits of those skills.


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