Ok - I have a threadbare, cotton jersey sheet (queen-size) that is simply too ratty to go back on my bed. Do I:

a) turn it into a chair-fort for the kids
b) rip it up into dust rags
c) save it for a craft project or some burst of domesticity that will really never happen
c) other

What say you, oh internets?


  1. toss it...or donate it. shelters are always looking for sheets.

  2. do you really dust? I am awestruck.

  3. I say Crafty. Dress 'em up as kids from Annie for Hallowe'en. Capes! Fairy Wings. Use it for Hobo bags and pretend to leave home (You OR the kids...).

  4. I was thinking about this today. this is why people used to make patchwork quilts!
    but my vote is A. with the option of turning it into a potato stamping/tiedye (or other crafty type thing) canvas later.

  5. rags, fo sho. I never have enough rags. And when they get really narly you can just toss them. Maya thinks you should make pug clothing out of it.

  6. I'm with Bea.
    A then B, its the natural order of things.

  7. The loser in me is shouting B! B! B!

  8. Dust rags. Save a bit of it for when your oldest wants to sew - it's a nice fabric to sew little things out of.


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