Scene: Very crowded parking lot of Loblaws.

Kgirl has begun putting her grocercies into the hatch. She is two spaces away from the mother/child parking, which was available when she arrived, but from which she abstained from parking in, seeing as she had no baby with her. If she had had the baby with her, she would have taken the spot, but the baby is home, hopefully napping.

Kgirl digresses.

A Mercedes-Benz station wagon pulls into the mother/child parking spot, the only spot available for miles on this busy Sunday morning. Kgirl can clearly, clearly see that there is no baby in the car. There are not even any carseats. Kgirl waits, incredulously, to see if the driver of the car is pregnant.
The driver exits the car. You can bet her fake and bake lululemons this woman is NOT pregnant.

Kgirl: Are you seriously going to park there?

Woman: Mind your own business.

Kgirl: (louder) Are you seriously going to park there?

Woman: Yes! I’m a mother and a child.

Kgirl: No, you’re an inconsiderate bitch.

Inconsiderate Bitch: (walking away) Mind your own business!

Kgirl shakes head, locks car doors and walks buggy back to buggy park. Inconsiderate Bitch starts walking back towards Kgirl.

Kgirl stands outside of her car and adopts what she hopes is an assertive stance.

Inconsiderate Bitch: I’m going to watch you leave so that you don’t vandalize my car.

Kgirl: (laughs, truly surprised) I’m not going to vandalize your car! I’m not an inconsiderate bitch! Get out of my way, stupid cow.

Inconsiderate Bitch: (incoherently) Mind your own business…. big mouth… watching you… park where I want to….

Kgirl laughs again and gets into her car. She starts it backs out of the spot. As she passes Inconsiderate Bitch, she rolls down her window.

Kgirl: Hey lady, why don’t you take your sense of privilege and shove it up your ass?

Kgirl rolls up her window and proceeds to drive out of the parking lot, shaking her head.



  1. I was eagerly anticipating the part where you calmly roundhouse kicked her in the butt.
    My husband would NEVER park in the Pregnant Lady spots, even when I was NINE MONTHS PREGNANT. "There are probably women who are more pregnant who need that spot," he'd say. No there wasn't! THEY WERE GIVING BIRTH!

  2. I always want to say something to those people, but I never do. Good on ya, say I.

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  4. Beck - I wanted to kick her in the butt so badly.

    I have to admit that when I first found out I was pregnant w/Bee, I excitedly parked in the pregnant lady parking spot. I was like, 2 minutes pregnant, and although I parked there because I was so proud, and wanted to be part of that club, I have never lived it down. So now, unless i have babe in arms, I would NEVER park in the spots!

  5. tell me you really said these things...because, HELLO, HERO!

    i usually just give the stink eye.

  6. Good for you! I saw someone with no kids in the family parking at Ikea yesterday. Wanted to say something, but Sean was with me, and he gets terribly embarrassed. Wish I had.

  7. The only time I ever parked in those spots was when I had morning sickness. No one would have known I was pregnant and anyone could have called me on the inappropriateness of it all, but those 12 weeks were the only time that I simply couldn't walk the extra few feet. Once I was showing, I was glowing and could've walked a mile to the store.

    Oh, and then there was the time I used the pregnancy spot right after my miscarriage, just because... So, ya, I guess I wouldn't be the person to confront someone else in these situations.

  8. Ali - I said 100% of those things. Not shy.

    Metro - Chris always wishes I would keep quiet, even though I know he's secretly proud of me for saying something.

    Mad - this was so totally a case of this woman not giving a shit, that I had to say something. She certainly did not seem the least bit in need of a close spot. And the way she said that she was 'A mother and a child' convinced me that it was a well-rehearsed line; one that she had used to justify the exact action in the past.

  9. Bahahaha! Good on ya for saying something!

    I totally admire you!

  10. The fact that she thought you might vandalize her car probably means she has done something like that before and still hasn't learned her lesson.

  11. Totally awesome! I wish I had half your guts, because there are times, seriously... I saw more nasty behaviour like this in the past 5 days than I care to mention.

    Honestly, what is WRONG with people these days?

  12. I am SO the enforcer of this kind of thing. Drives me WILD that people don't follow these rules.

    I'd say that sense of entitlement is THE biggest button pusher for me.

    And Metro Mama, I embarrass Monkeydad too in this kind of situation! Biting my tongue is not my strong suit.

  13. I wish I had an once of your chutzpah.

  14. Were you at my Loblaws?

    Not even any carseats? Holy crap.

    I was wondering if there was any chance ICB was prego but that line 'I'm a mother and a child' pretty much gives it away. Plus all that energy. When I was sick as hell with progesterone poisoning I wouldn't even park there lest someone challenge me. Then I would have to speak to them which would cause me to throw up. Drive over her next time.

  15. That was AWESOME. I wish I could have been there.

  16. you fucking firecracker.

    I would not have had the courage.

    Sheesh. I have wondered for so long where your girls got that look in their eyes.....hmmmmm.

  17. um...so that was you?!?

    JUST JOKING! You firecracker you!

    She deserved a drop kick to her ass! I wish more people would say something. I had a similar thing happen to me once with a dude who parked in the ppl with children spot. I was about 8 months pregant and parked down, far a way because this asshole parked in the spot reserved for..not him!

  18. I think I love you.

    Just sorry you didn't have an audience to throw in with you.

  19. You are so awesome. I only wish we had those parking spots around here. Would have been useful when I had a baby.

    And I'm amazed at the nerve of that woman. I hope someone opens their door into her car and leaves a nice big dent.

  20. You are le awesome. Those people who just don't get it piss me off to no end.

  21. Is it bad of me to park in those spots when I take my 3 and 1 year old shopping with me, and it's minus 30?

  22. Loukia - yes, you wimp.


  23. BRAVO!!!

    (gives standing ovation)


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