A Fool for You

Chris thinks I’m mean for playing an April Fool’s joke on you guys yesterday. I say, he should be glad I did not mock up a positive pg test stick and leave it with his lunch.

Anyway, a little levity was needed. This winter has been one of pretty good suckage, and I wanted it to end with a smile. Of course, the snow has melted, but the problems are still around, blissfully unaware, as problems are apt to be, of birds singing and temperatures rising.

My husband’s second bout of unemployment in 6 months could care less that I am wearing a colourful spring jacket, having banished my winter coat to the cellar.

The puckering, peeling, water-damaged plaster in the kitchen does not take heed of daylight at 7:30 pm where darkness used to be.

The nightmares that interrupt my precious sleep, the ones I’ve had regularly since my dad died; the ones that wake me in a panic, fooling me into believing that something horrible has happened to Chris or Bee or Dove or Me – well, they don’t give a shit that it’ll be warm enough to go to Riverdale Farm when the rest of the fam wakes peacefully in the blessed morning.

The cleaning, the cooking, the laundry and the grocery shopping are shouting for attention, regardless of the weariness in my bones; the bags under my eyes; the exhaustion in my voice, or the date on the calendar.

I know, wah, wah, wah. Hard times. I have a roof over my head (no longer leaking since we spent the entirety of our savings fixing it), food on my plate (although it is of dubious nutritional value since I haven’t gone grocery shopping and am too tired to cook), and a family I love. A no-parentheses-needed family that I love, who help me weather the storms. The kids make pretty good umbrellas for tiny people.

And I have you guys, who keep me writing; keep me laughing; keep me SANE.

And that, my friends, is no joke.



  1. what a beautiful post. you really are a wonderful writer.

  2. I forgive you. Love you, my friend.

  3. Thank GOD spring is here! Now play hooky already so we can hang out.


  4. oh, i know. I KNOW exactly what you mean.


  5. It definitely had me guessing. Here's to more beautiful days like today.

  6. I am so happy I missed that post. I, too, am an emotional and delicate flower these days... and I think I would have busted a nut on that one.

  7. I thought that was a great joke. I had no idea what day it was until I checked the comments. Then I was pretty sure you were kidding.

    I wish the spring rains would wash your worries away.

  8. Do not worry my dear little sis, Maya and I are on our way so nothing but fun and games for two weeks!

  9. You are awesome! I'd always be a fool for you.

  10. That was mean. What kind of mean person pulls a stunt like that.
    April Fools, indeed!

  11. Lovely writing.

    And I know just how you feel about this winter. I too, am ready for the spring, both literal and figurative.


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