Holy Ridiculous Week, Batman

Friday - Friend's bday party; stay at the bar too late.

Saturday - Keep kids out ALL day so huz can clean house in anticipation for:

Saturday Night - Sister and niece arrive from BC! Stay up way too late.

Sunday - Whole family over for visit. Stay up way too late.

Monday - Whole family over. Stay up way too late.

Tuesday - Truckin off to Buffalo for The Dead show! Leave Dove overnight (w/Chris) for the first time EVER. FREAK OUT.

Tuesday - Get sick. Super sick.

Tuesday - At the Dead show! Lot is not the same as it used to be. No Rainbow Family; too many tweakers. Too many balloons around. Show is AMAZING. BFF spends the entire first set crying. I am almost too weak to dance, but Loose Lucy, Ramble On Rose, Loser, Eyes of the World, Playin In the Band? Must. Boogie. Stella Blue? Weep.

Tuesday - Cab it back to hotel room (The Hyatt - my how things have changed. I used to spend the night on picnic table benches or on the back seat of a Honda Civic if raining. Growing up has its privileges.). Watch Golden Girls and crash while my gals party it up at the (only decent?) bar.

Wednesday - Fall asleep on a bench while everybody shops at Macy's. No troubles at the border. Again, how times have changed.

Wednesday - Get home. Cuddle babies. Nurse Dove and get some relief from rock-hard, engourged boobs. Thought we were past that happening. Guess not. Crash for 17 hours.

Thursday - Feel like F-150 hit me. Improvement over Mac Truck that had been bashing into me for previous 3 days.

Friday - Make in to work for the 1/2 day I committed to. Will leave at noon to prepare for...

Saturday - Out of town wedding of two wonderful, amazing friends getting hitched after 8 years of (all of us) working together. Chris cannot come - he is off to his brother's stag in his hometown. Road trippin' with 2 awesome gals whose husbands also cannot come. Can you say trouble? One hitch - leaving my kids overnight with my sisters for the first time EVER. I have never left my kids overnight with anyone other than Chris. They will be fine. I will be too drunk to worry about it. Oh god - FREAKING OUT. Because I am not drunk yet.

Will let you know how it goes. Have a great weekend!



  1. I'm tired just reading this, yo.

    Have fun this weekend!!

  2. What a whirlwind! I'm out of breath just from reading it! Have a marvelous time :D

  3. Oops. i didn't read the comment above mine before posting. now i'm totally unoriginal. how dull :(

  4. Despite the sick, it sounds like fun. Have a great time!

  5. I just passed out from fatigue. You crazy kids and your partying...

  6. CRAZY! Hope you have a blast.

  7. Fabulous week! And if I know V, the wedding will be a blast. Have a great time. xo

    Hey, my word verification is partio.

  8. auntie JennoApril 27, 2009

    My niece's behaved perfectly for our first ever sleepover-with-no-mom-or-dad-party! With the help of their 10 year old cousin and other auntie our 27 hours together was perfectly enjoyable and relaxing. I am a baby whisperer.

  9. Auntie Jenno - TRUE DAT. You and Auntie Karla rock my world. I'm abandoning my children to you more often. I guess you'll need a couple of week's notice next time so that you can book a ticket.


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