I just overheard a very long, very detailed and very drawn-out conversation between two women I know, about how each will cope best with their ONE toddler at the Passover Seder on Wednesday.

There was talk of props and distractions and snacks and pajamas and husbands and grandparents and aunts and uncles and back-up child-minders and videos and, and, and, and....

Seriously, my head almost exploded.

When we head to my mother's on Wednesday for the Seder (for which I am making the brisket - first time!), me and my husband and two kids will be packing:

Our bag o'plagues

And maybe a diaper or two.

Experience. It does a Mummy good.



  1. ha HAAAA! that is so frickin' awesome! i wanna know what all the toys are so bad! i see some frogs, a locust, some red stuff for the bloody seas... what are the lion and tiger for? i don't remember that one...

  2. we have that too! it's awesome!

  3. We have a wooden passover set, compete with afikomen. Kids love it. My kids are great at the seder, it's the adults we have trouble with!

  4. When I was a kid I always wanted to be Jewish because of the candles (seriously). Now I want to be Jewish just to have a bag of plagues.

  5. Get yer plagues here:

    Blood: Fake blood
    Frogs: Plastic frogs
    Lice: Small black bug
    Wild Beasts: Animal finger puppets
    Cattle Plague: Cow mask
    Boils: Sticky hands with boils
    Hail: Plastic ice cube
    Locust: Large green locust
    Darkness: Sunglasses
    Death of the Firstborn: 9-pc. puzzle (this one is stupid, so we bring a really ugly, naked little doll. How's that for inappropriate?)

  6. You are funny! Lookin' forward to swapping brisket stories. As if.

  7. I love the plague kit.

  8. Seriously, man.

    I took Big C to an hour long Tumbling class on Saturday, and of course had to take and entertain Little G for the duration (we were not allowed in the gym - THAT was fun seeing as that was all Little G wanted to do.)

    I watched the one-child parents with their books and their Blackberries and made sure to play catch extra-loud. Cuz I'm nice that way.

    (Remind me again how I manage to keep friends..?)

  9. Just read your post at Canada Moms Blog, loved it!
    I am with you on the sweats! Having just returned to the office for a stint, I long for my lululemons!!!

  10. That plague kit is awesome!
    Love it.
    Hope last nights brisket was a success.

    it was one stop shopping at Nortown for me this year

  11. people crack me up when they stress over their one little person.


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