I Coudn't Make This Up

My husband, or nanny, or somebody, must have told Bee that Sunday was Mother’s Day, because it was all she could talk about on yesterday. We were out on a dinner date at our favourite dinner date destination, and generously, Bee kept listing the items she wanted to give me for Mother’s Day.

As we ate our dinner: I could get you juice for Mother’s Day!

As we talked about her birthday party last weekend: I could get you a puzzle for Mother’s Day!

As we walked past the baked goods: I could get you a cookie for Mother’s Day!

As we looked at the organic seedlings on our way out of the store: I could get you a flower for Mother’s Day!

As we walked past the bookstore: I could get you a book for Mother’s Day!

As we walked past the magazine store: Yes! I’m going to get you a book for Mother’s Day!

Bee ran up to the window of the magazine store and stood in front of the current issues.

A book would be awesome, I said, which one do you want to get me?

This one! The one with the finger-paints!

Well, I guess it is her style.

Hope you all have a great day, Mamas.



  1. Oh, that book will be a real page-turner, that's for sure...!

    Happy Mother's Day...

  2. aww. I still like the juice best.
    that comment just melted my heart.

  3. Those are nice looking finger paints (in both photos), cool book selection Bee. Happy Mother's Day :)

  4. I'm getting a rock for Mother's Day. A rock painted like a ladybug. I peeked.

  5. My girl keeps handing me little tiny homemade cards and sitting on me and kissing me and telling me Happy Mothers' Day, and she told me she wanted to get me a Mothers' Day cake, but right now, my best gift is this hour to myself while they are out grocery shopping so I can catch up on blogs and read them in big gulps worth. Yum.

  6. a magazine, juice, a rock or an hour to myself - any and all sound perfect :)


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