This. Is. Jeopardy. (Weekend Edition)

A – It’s how k, Chris and the kids spent the day on Saturday, much to their exhaustion and delight.

Q – What is: planting an awesome new flower garden in the back yard?

A – Throwing dirt, eating dirt, popping off flower-heads, eating flower heads, hitting each other in the head with shovels, scaring their mother by bringing her bugs.

Q – What are: the things k and Chris were constantly telling the kids not to do.

A – Kale, tomatoes, zucchini and peppers.

Q – What are: the vegetables that will planted adjacent to the flower garden next weekend?

A – Spice-rubbed organic pork tenderloin, corn, asparagus, mashed sweet potatoes and various pickles.

Q – What is: the menu for the bbq we had (with my mum and bro), overlooking our new garden, on Saturday night.

A – Corn.

Q – What is: the only thing that Bee ate for dinner on Saturday?

A – Painfully red.

Q – What was: the colour of Chris’ neck by day’s end?

A – Very dark grey.

Q – What was: the colour of the bath water after the kids were in it Saturday night?

A – 9 pm.

Q – What is: the time the kids went to sleep on Saturday night?

A – 5 seconds.

Q – What is: the time it took for the kids to go to sleep on Saturday night?

A – Sprawled on the couch watching The Weather Network because changing the channel took too much energy.

Q – What is: the way k and Chris spent the remainder of Saturday evening after the kids were asleep and the company had left?

A – 10 am! Whoot!

Q – What is: the time k got to sleep in until on Sunday morning?

A – Because all she got for mother’s day was a raincheque.

Q – What is: the reason that k got to sleep in until 10am on Sunday?

A – Maxin’ and relaxin’ in the sunshine.

Q – What is: the way k, Chris and the kids spent the day on Sunday.

A – Grilled calamari, grilled vegetables, rice, a Corona.

Q – What is: the dinner k and Chris let someone else make for them Sunday night.

A – It’s the ridiculous, boring, stupid movie that took k 4 ½ hours to watch (including interruptions) and during the viewing of which k wondered (many times over) why the hell she didn’t just turn it off and go to sleep already?

Q – What is The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons?

A – 5 1/2

Q – What is: the number of hours k slept last night because she stayed up way too late watching a stupid movie?

A - Work, dammit.

Q - Where is k now?

A – 121

Q – What is: the number of hours until the next weekend begins?



  1. We did the gardening and grey bath water yesterday but thankfully no burned body parts (learned that lesson a couple of weeks ago). Jeopardy style posts are so suitable for life/parenting in general, don't you think?

  2. I like to zone out to the weather network too. Their music is so nondescript that it relaxes me.

    Sounds like a great week-end. You deserved it.

  3. i LOVE that you got a mother's day sleep-in rain check! awesome.

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend! (except for Benjamin Button, that movie sucks). Can't wait to see the new garden!

  5. metro - it totally pales in comparison to yours, and if it lasts more than two weeks, I'll consider the whole thing a success, but still, for now, it's pretty. And it has hydrangea, daisies, hostas and lupine. My favourites.

  6. sounds like an awesome weekend- minus the movie.
    still haven't seen that one- thanks for the warning.

    the veg garden sounds amazing and your pork tenderloin dinner sounds de-lish.

  7. good answers!
    I've got tomatoes and strawberries in containers. If I get a single fruit I will be impressed.

  8. So no reco on Ben Button, then, huh? Duly noted...

    Misterpie has bought a few tomato plants, but plans to plant them in garbage cans and has yet to buy the dirt to fill them with. We'll see if they last until he gets to that, given that the car crapped out on Friday, so all weekend errands were off...

  9. Auntie JennoMay 26, 2009

    Good on ya sis, the earth is a happier place because you are playing in it. I also spent the entire weekend gardening, but here on my 25 acres in the middle of no-where it was more like 50 strawberry plants, 60 tomatoes, 200!! basil (we love pesto) and 2 beautiful lilac bushes to hide the tool shed and the god awful parts car.

  10. Someone else told be BB should have been neatly cut in half and the film would have been none the worse for it!

    I'm counting the minutes until next weekend, too...there are too many.

  11. We dug up this past weekend. This weekend I plant while M complains that she'd rather go to the park and freaks out at the sight of mosquitos and worms. Sigh.

    Pass the corona.

  12. A: Freakin' adorable.

    Q What is the definition of K ?

  13. Sounds like a lot of fun! Why can't we just have weekends all the time? Let's win the lottery, shall we?


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