How To Guarantee That You Will Not Be My Friend In One Easy Conversation

Me: Hi! You must be Adrienne*. I'm Karen... I've been getting the emails you're sending to our production manager. You know, the ones pointing out the mistakes on the packages.

Adrienne: Oh, yeah.

Me: So, you work in Royalties, right? You need to check all the publishing to make sure we're paying the right people, right? That's why you're noticing these miniscule, obscure mistakes, right?

Adrienne: No. I just used to be a proof-reader, so your mistakes jump out at me.


Me: Well, I used to work in fashion, so your mistakes jump out at me.

(Ok, I didn't really say the last line out loud.)

*names have been changed to protect my happily employed ass.



  1. Ohhh I wish you would have said it...

  2. Ouch. Someone needs to take a constructive criticism 101 course. or get a hobby. She likely needs the latter most.

    BTW, someone I recently started following on Twitter pointed out a typo in a tweet to me the other day. A typo in a tweet fer god's sake. Someone else told me I was tweeting too much when I blipped the alphabet.

    People. You just can't please 'em.

  3. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. It would have been so much fun had you said it out loud, though ...


  5. ??? like *your* personal mistakes?
    girls new on the job.. clearly....

  6. I'll tell you what - I used to work in Royalties. I'll take her job *and* I won't bother you about miniscule mistakes. Win-Win, right?

  7. didn't but sure would have made you smile a for at least a few seconds ;-)
    followed i'm sure by panic for saying something not so business appropriate - which is why you made the right call holding your tongue in the first place... but still...

  8. oh how i miss the royalties department....
    wish i had been there...you would have told me and then we could have planned some sort of subterfuge over one of those frosty second cup drinks!


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