Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday!

I just read that people like lists; particularly Top Ten lists. Now, I’m no David Letterman, but I’ve decided to implement this ploy suggestion to please my readers and to challenge myself to write something longer than 140 characters, which seems to be all I can manage lately.

Anyway, here is Top Ten Tuesday. Hope you like it.

The Top Ten Reasons I Didn’t Go To Blogher

10. I’m saving for a puggle.

9. No time to wax.

8. It’s Christmas where I work, and Santa waits for no woman.

7. My friend is about to have a baby, and in the absence of her husband, mother, mother-in-law, gay neighbour and the guy that delivers the paper, I’m on tap to be middle-of-the night childcare!

6. I couldn’t figure out what Miley Cyrus song I was, and knew it would nag at me all weekend.

5. I was really sure it was going to stop raining in Toronto, and I didn’t want to miss those two hours.

4. There’s no garbage strike in Chicago, and I’m not sure if I know how to breathe less toxic air any more.

3. All of my friends were going to see Bruno, and well, I didn’t actually go, but you know, I wanted to hear how it turned out.

2. I had plans to get schnockered on a patio with Lisa and these lovely gals. Oh wait – we did that because we weren’t at Blogher… not, we weren’t at BlogHer because we were doing that… Anyway – wasted!

1. I was holding out for NYC, bitchez!



  1. I don't even WANT to go to BlogHer. It sounds like a high school-esque level of cliquey stressishness.

  2. Beck - Oh, that aspect scares the bujeezus out of me too, but I'm pretty sure I'll have a bunch of my Toronto gals with me, so we'll keep each other safe ;)

  3. Christmas in July? You lucky girl. Ask for a puggle.

  4. Yeah, 'cause what did I do in Chicago? I hung out with Toronto girls. And made sure I said hi to all the Canucks I could get my hands on (heh).
    It's weird, it is cliquey but I think it's still good - but we shouldn't have to go that far to get together in a positive way...

  5. Cakes really wants to go spend the night at your house. She'll be disappointed if it happens when she's away!

    Damn, I wish I was getting shnockered with you gals Sat night!

  6. And you know where to get some fine falafel in Toronto! We can make our fun anywhere together...

  7. yeah I wasn't wishing I was at blogher but am thinking NYC might be fun.

  8. love it.
    especially # 4 & 5 and yes maybe even #1....


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