Top Ten Tuesday

Yes, this is the only thing I ever write anymore.

Top Ten Things I Learned While Camping

10. You don’t need a bear whistle if your kid cries for the entirety of your 1.5km hike in the woods.

9. Brunette children taste better than blonde children, according to the mosquitos.

8. Red squirrels are loud, and don’t feel the need to quiet down as they plot their revenge on you for taking away the food they were about to scavenge.

7. It IS possible to get 4 people on a queen-sized air mattress, but none of you are going to actually sleep.

6. I look really cute in cargo shorts, a Chairman Mao hat and unwashed hair.

5. It is typical that I pack enough food for a family of 8 to last two weeks in the woods, but I forget to bring an extra pair of pants for one of my kids.

4. I apparently cannot go more than 7 minutes without fussing over one of my children and worrying that they have enough sunscreen/bug spray/after-bite/water/shade/snacks/love.

3. Surrounded by trees, rocks, bugs, logs, dirt and trails, my 4-year old and 20-month old found it more novel to play in the unlocked car than in nature.

2. Jews (like me) can be good at camping. Righteous gentiles (like my husband) are a hundred times better at it, and it turns me on.

1. There is nothing better for recharging the spirit, clearing the mind and healing the body than spending 3 days outside with your family.



  1. I am impressed! I am too much of a chicken to take the kids camping. Oh, and I hate bugs. Ticks most of all.

  2. I'm impressed, too! And right now I wouldn't mind a little of the Great Outdoors. It sounds lovely.

  3. You guys are a good looking family. Our camping pictures are always ruined by me sobbing and begging to go home now.

    My blondest kid is one scabbed-over bugbite right now. poor thing.

  4. You are a brave, brave woman; I could not do it.

  5. Love Camping! Love it!
    I recommend getting a little camper...we got a 1973 camper van and let me tell you-dreamy!

  6. Lisalou - my favourite camping trip ever was with you on Salt Spring. You know, the time with the puma!

  7. blah, blah, blogAugust 21, 2009

    Good times and great pics!

    And, apparently, gingers over brunettes...

  8. great photos!
    #4 is my OCD totally.

  9. aunty JennoAugust 26, 2009

    funny, your camping looks like my backyard.I'm not even joking.


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