Top Ten Tuesday: I Love PVR

Top Ten Reasons I Love My New PVR

10. My ‘omg, did you see Gray’s?!’ tweets a week after the season premiere will get way more responses and attention than if I had been one of thousands madly tweeting during the actual first showing like the rest of you chumps.

9. I can record the kids’ shows that I actually find tolerable, then kibosh the really annoying ones like Max and Ruby, by exclaiming that Backyardigans is on! Right now! Booyah.

8. My husband will never again have to argue over whether Cities of the Underworld is more important to watch on the good tv than Top Chef before he loses and is ultimately relegated to the basement and the old tv.

7. I will no longer regret not buying the entire Little House on the Prairie series at Costco that time.

6. No more almost peeing in my pants waiting for a commercial.

5. No more cursing my light sleepers for waking up 7 minutes before I find out who is in, and who is out.

4. I will actually slice the veggies and put them on a plate with a dollop of hummus and a glass of water instead of just grabbing the bag of chips because it is closer and faster.

3. This effectively puts an end to the philosophical dilemma we have about subscribing to cable in the first place.

2. No more *buffering* watching *loading* missed episodes *a word from our sponsors* on the *buffering* internet.

1. I don’t have to wait until Sunday mornings to watch relaxing fishing shows.



  1. OMG you said KIBOSH. *swoon* GOOD WORD. The PVR will, indeed, change your life. Only prob for me is the YandR. If I didn't have a PVR, I'd never watch that crap.... ENJOY!

  2. Hah for the fishing shows - myself I PVR Ask This Old House and This Old House...

  3. Before our TV died we had a Tivo. I loved that thing with a passion and intensity that was something to behold. I was so, so sad to see it go.

  4. I can't believe you've waited this long to get it...! PVR is one of the best things in my life.

    Yes, yes, it is. (Sad though that may be)

  5. I still don't have a PVR...maybe one day..

  6. I don't even remember life without it. It's like air now. I am not sure if I could live if it went away.

  7. aunty JennoOctober 01, 2009

    um.. I still don't have a t.v. For real.

  8. Max abd Ruby. First of all, where are the freakin'parents? Second of all, Max is a moron. I'd seriously love to slap him. Thanks for coming out Max and Ruby now go stuff yourself.

  9. I have no idea how we lived before PVR (although I do have to get better about PVRing kids shows). What a commentary on my life.


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