The Holidays Are Coming Early!

*We have a winner! Congratulations to hardworking mom, Jill, who will be leaving baby at home to take her two princesses and a prince to the show on Friday! Enjoy, mama, and we'll see you there!*

I have always been a teensy weensy bit bitter that, although my older sister and I have never been, my parents took my younger brother and sister to Disney World at least 3 or 4 times when they were little. I know that in the scheme of things, this is not a great hardship, but still, what kid doesn’t want to go to Disney World? It is something that we never let our parents forget, and tease my mom about to this day.

Fast forward a few years, and I am now the mother of two small girls. We have had the opportunity to go to Florida at least once every year since they were born, and will be heading South once again in February. And this year, we’re doing it.

We’re taking the girls to the Big D.

My husband is psychically preparing, taking deep breaths and shedding his hate-on of commercialism for the good of the family, and I am doing the practical prep, making lists and researching and doing laundry and getting passports.

But there’s something else we’re going to do to prepare – we’re taking the girls, compliments of
Mom Central, to Disney On Ice: Princess Classics on December 18. My girls will no doubt be thrilled by the spectacle, and although their Disney ‘education’ extends little beyond the faces on Dove’s pull-ups and a few storybooks, they dig the Princesses. I can’t wait to enjoy their enjoyment at the show.

And I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to offer one lucky GTA area family an early Christmas present – 4 tickets to the December 18 performance of Disney On Ice: Princess Classics.

To enter the draw, simply leave a comment, along with the identity of your favourite Disney Princess. I’ll start – my favourite is Jasmine – or, as my daughter calls her (and don’t you dare correct her) – Jazzbert.

The winner will be randomly chosen on Thursday, December 10.

Good luck!



  1. We fully expected to hate WDW, and we loved it. Go with an open mind and you may be surprised. I sobbed like an eejit going through "It's A Small World" - I was pregnant at the time, so I like to blame the hormones.

    Our fave princess is Cinderella.

  2. Belle is the best. Pretty and a bookworm, what's not to like?

  3. We went last year to see the Big Mouse, and although I thought Samantha was way too young to fully enjoy it at the time (she was just shy of 3) I loved it. My fav was It's a Small World.

    My fav princess as well; Belle!

  4. It's a small world is the only ride I remember when I went to Disney as a little girl. We hope to take our girls in the next year or two.

    My favourite princess is Cinderella but each of my girls has their own fav.

  5. a friend just gave us 2 tickets for the 21st- should be fun.

    let's talk re: disney- we did that 10 day shoot there last year and I know the place all too well.

    Lulu still talks about it.

  6. I have always loved Ariel. I remember watching it while babysitting when I was a teen and then watching the Little Mermaid 2 about her daugther with my girls. J's room is still princess and the kids bath is in princess. We call it the Princess Potty. It may have to get changed soon now that there are boys too. They might get a complex or something peeing with the princesses!

  7. I love that you're going to WDW! I can't wait to hear all about it when you're back so we can compare tales! It wasn't until last year when I watched Alex's face as we stood in front of the castle at the Magic Kingdom watching the fireworks that I really understood what and who that place is for. I kind of feel a little bit cheated now too. I think if I'd gone there as a child, I would have been allowed to have that innocent, magical experience and not have to be annoyed by all the pushing and rude people who the first time we were there really detracted from the experience.
    My favourite princess will forever be Sleeping Beauty. It's the very first memory I have of going to see a movie in the theatre - and with my mom none-the-less. I remember dancing around humming the song for weeks afterwards, and I believe that it was a combo of both Aurora and Princess Diana who led me to believe that I too could be a princess when I grew up. So much so, that I actually told my grade 1 teacher that I didn't have to learn how to read because I was going to be a princess when I grew up and princesses don't have to read!

  8. blah, blah, blogDecember 08, 2009

    I was just thinking I should get a pair of tickets for my niece for Christmas! This way we could make it a foursome!

    Um, my favourite princess? The new black one who is an obvious attempt to incorporate ethnic diversity but really looks like all the others with slightly different shading...

  9. blah, blah, blogDecember 08, 2009

    I, too, have never been to Disney World and/or Land. As children we always went camping or to the cottage, and my most recent trip to Cali was prior to the begat's arrival and Al and I sneered at our kid-laden friends as we eschewed DL and took a great drive up the pacific coast highway instead of braving the crowds.

    I have to say I am seriously conflicted about breaking my perfect streak for the sake of the little ladies.

    So relieved it hasn't come up yet.

  10. I really didn't think I knew any - with 2 boys - why would I need to, but now that we have a little girl (whom I call "Princess") I guess I need to brush up.

    So I reviewed all the posts and found Cinderella and Ariel as the 2 I know best.

  11. We will literally be down the street from DW. We resisted when at my dad's which was an hour away, but 5 min and free accomodation? Can't pass it up.

  12. Urbandaddy - you will love life according to your little princess :)

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  14. Belle. Shes smart AND pretty.

  15. Auntie JennoDecember 09, 2009

    Can Maya and I meet you there? I really want to take her and how fun with her cousins! She's almost too old so I gotta do it soon. I don't want the tickets to Disney on Ice (haha, crack head Disney! Sorry) But say yes to Flaa-rida!

  16. Ooo, I love Jazzbert, too!

  17. Hi, i am new to your blog - was introduced to it via a RT on twitter...great contest! with three daughters 8 and under, the Princesses are a fact of life in our home. I would have to say the collective fave at our place is Snow White. That warbly high pitched voice wins us over every time!

  18. Got my S-girl here and she says her favorite is Cinderella and her brother says all of them! He would love to go see them on ice too!

  19. I would love to take my 3 girls to see this production...what a great xmas gift for all of them!

  20. Call me old school but by fave Disney Princess is and always will be Cinderella! I associate only too well with being the outcast sister.....



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