Ten Decent Things About Working In An Office

1. My snacks are always at hand

2. I’m rarely lonely

3. Nobody spills my drinks but me

4. The pictures of my kids are much quieter than the real things

5. I make all the decorating decisions

6. Industry swag, three-year-old Christmas cards, early versions of product graphics and the ‘organic’ stickers from fruit pass for decoration

7. One ironic magnet makes you cool

8. I don’t have to water the plants

9. Nobody tries to come into my stall when I’m peeing

10. I can hold almost an entire conversation in acronyms



  1. Number 9 is my motivator for going back to work one day.

  2. oh glorious work, where my snacks are at hand and I can pee in privacy.

    is there a part two to this?

  3. 11. You can eat lunch without having to beg anybody to finish their carrots/sandwich/milk/apple.


  4. Number 9 was my favourite thing about working. That, and the fact that no one tried to take the snacks from out of my hand. If I had a brownie en route to my mouth, that was MY brownie. Ah, those were the days!

  5. I guess my office was smaller than your, but with only one powder room for the ladies, I still got interrupted.

  6. don't forget about the freedom to swear, the glorious uncensored freedom to swear...

  7. Fuck yeah, especially where I work.

  8. I'm sitting in my office right now, looking around as I read this thinking...who knew that this would be where I would come to find peace one day.

  9. You'll have to submit an ISU for that MMC and GC, but if you need it for SOL or REF you might need to do and ICR to get it set up in NAV properly.

    Cherry Coke forever!


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