So Sayeth the Five Year Old

This morning, as I left the house, I reminded Mischa, please don’t say anything about your birthday party, because you didn’t invite all of the kids in your class, and you don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.

Mum, Mischa replied, I am not going to talk about it today. I am going to be a good listener because I, she said with a flourish of her hand, am the Queen.

Oh, I said. I see. Well, if you’re the Queen, what does that make me?

She paused for almost half a second before she answered with a smile.

You can be the scullery maid.

Thanks, hun. As long as we all know where we stand.



  1. Am VERY impressed that she even knows what a "scullery maid" is. Score one for language usage.

  2. Oh, I know that is coming.

  3. they have it SO GOOD
    hilarious. she got you :)

  4. It's not like it's inaccurate, really...

  5. LOL!!! She's funny :))

  6. Yeah we play "mommy's the servant- I'm the queen" around here on a daily basis.
    Too funny.

    on the birthday note-same thing here- couldn't invite all the kids in the class, so we tried to keep it on the down low.
    Did you know some schools make it mandatory to invite all the kids in the class?
    Crazy huh?


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