On Blogging

When I started blogging in 2006, I had an infant and a new life as a new mother, and it was wonderful and strange and daunting. And, although I cherished the forum as a venue to find my legs as a parent, I didn’t really start to blog because I was in search of a community – hell, I didn’t even know the community existed. I wasn’t experiencing any crippling isolation; I wasn’t feeling unsure of my every move and I wasn’t confounded by this tiny person I was now responsible for. I was actually loving infanthood and motherhood and (knock wood) things were going really, really well for me.

But starting a blog certainly fed and filled a need for me – the need to write.

It was like I had been handed my dream job – my own editorial column in my own imaginary magazine that I could pretend people were actually interested in reading. I could write whatever I wanted, in my own voice, without compromise, expectation or deadline.

And now that I had a child, I had an excuse to write. I had consistent, ever-evolving subject matter that I was hopelessly devoted to. I had a point of view, and the funniest, sweetest muse a writer could ever hope for.

My baby, motherhood, this new community, this new forum – it inspired endlessly and gave me an outlet all right, a creative one, where the one thing I knew I was good at could meld seamlessly with something else I was discovering I was good at too.

I didn’t, and still don’t, have any self-imposed rules for blogging. I do it when I am inspired, or, more accurately, when impediments of time, laziness, expectation and obligation are not blocking my way. I’ll never be famous for it and it’ll never mean more to anybody than it does to me. That’s ok.

A friend, after catching up on my recent posts, said to me that she envies my archive, because, while she has a shelf-full of scrapbooks that mark occasions in her daughter’s life (beautifully, I might add), I have a record of how I felt about those occasions. That’s a pretty nice way of looking at it, I think.

Self-indulgent as well, to be sure, but the way I see it, parenthood – motherhood – is so much about giving away, giving to, doing for and going without, that it’s nice to be a little self-indulgent with my thoughts.

The fact that, in the course of this crazy ride, I have found the community that I never knew was out there; that I have embraced and been embraced by it; that I have learned more about who am I am who I want to be through it? Well that’s just gravy.

So on this, my fourth anniversary of life as a blogger, I just want to say thank you; for indulging, for reading, for writing, for commenting, for teaching, for arguing, for enlightening, for laughing and most of all, for sharing this little space, this little pocket of time, with me.



  1. And thank you for writing good stuff. And I'm thankful I've made a real life friend from this connection!

  2. You're welcome! Thank-YOU!

  3. I started blogging just over 4 years ago, and I feel the exact same way about it. I can so totally relate to this post.

  4. Happy anniversary! I haven't been around for most of the first four, but I do believe I'll stick around for the next four!

    psst- why is the word verification "mites"? You're not a contagious blog, are you?

  5. THAnk-YOu for being such a beautiful and talented writer!

    hard to believe it's been four years already! (me too) and it's true, as much as I wish I had it together enough to have beautiful photo albums or scrapbooks, I'm so glad I've kept a record of my emotions during this time.
    However nutty or boring they must be to everyone else.
    I never really looked at it that way before.
    so thank-you.

  6. oh and in no way am I implying that your posts are nutty & boring (that would be me)
    On the contrary..
    Always so inspiring and thoughtful.

  7. four years??
    wow. I am so very glad you started blogging, I am glad to have had the chance to read your editorials and, of course, to behave inappropriately with you irl :)

  8. Happy 4 years!

    I blogged for a lot of years before I found the community. Like you, I blogged because I needed to write. But finding other writers has been the most amazing part. People like you.

  9. At the risk of being soppy and such, thanks to you, too - I love reading you, and I love having come to know you. It really is such a nice thing to have a place of your own, especially when so much of your world is being taken over by others, and to find a few people to share it with who you truly like. Magic!


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