As a Canadian, it is almost illegal to complain about summer, but for a full-on Semitic summer-lover, I had a really miserable time these past few months. All of the liberating, easy things about the summer, from being barefoot and bare-shouldered to enjoying fresh produce and curly hair, were simply random punctuation marks in an otherwise unbearable, run-on summer. It was hot, dude. Hot. Swealtering, stuffy, smouldering, smelly hot. I hate complaining about the summer, traditionally my favourite time of the year, but this summer was tough.

My air conditioning and asthma medication were constantly being used, and there seemed to be no relief from the heat or for my health. I worried about the kids being out too much because the sun was so strong and the air so thick. We barely ate our meals outside, in contrast to last summer when we barely ate our meals inside, because it was just too. bloody. hot. I barely even cooked anyway, because there was no way I was turning on the oven, and our bbq bit the dust at the beginning of the season, not to be replaced until the very end (gotta love those end of season sales). It was really disappointing.

And now it’s autumn. Officially autumn, and I have never been so happy to see it in. I am ready, so ready, for socks and sweaters and blankets on the bed. I’m ready for apples and root vegetables and soup and tea. I’m ready for changing leaves and changing clocks. I’m ready for cool evenings and canning food. I’m ready for closed doors and opened bronchial tubes. I’m ready for shorter days and longer coats. I’m ready for cozy nights snuggled with my husband and cozy mornings snuggled with my girls.

I never thought I’d be glad to see summer end, but this year? I’m ready.



  1. you just reminded me to put some root vegetables on.
    Fall is the best.
    Summer can be good, but only if it is not disgusting like this one was.

  2. See, we didn't even really get summer this year. So the idea that it's over? Just cruel.

    Clearly, we need to talk to the weather gods about spreading the love around a little more. Relief for you, actual summer for us, everyone wins!

  3. While I am happy for your bronchial tubes and dinner plates, and understand somewhat as I live with people who cannot! sleep. in. heat. I on the other hand, am a lizard. Fall always hurts my toes and tugs at my heart.

    (see also: http://www.yummymummyclub.ca/september_mornings by way of extending this conversation)

    Like Amber, I am not ready for the coats. nor dark days indoors. not just yet.

  4. Me, I'm not so much thrilled to see autumn come and the weather change, but I am thrilled that the craziness of the summer is over. It was gruelling this year, and culminated in weird grouchy moods and things are so much better with all that over, I'm relieved for that. But I'd still keep the warmer weather, being a chilly type.

  5. Fall has always been my favourite time of the year! I love the air, the clothes, the colours, the food -- all of it!

    Now if only we could make it last longer (and perhaps even replace the winter season).

  6. blah, blah, blogSeptember 27, 2010

    Very well put!

    Having spent a decent amount of that heat and humidity at the cottage, I really have no right to complain, but that won't stop me.

    (Basically, I don't give people a hard time for complaining about the weather because slow, seasonal change has been replaced by abrupt extremes. Who finds that satisfying?)

    In my youth, summer was by far my favourite season; the hotter the better. I shifted to spring and the promise of new life with the birth of my first child and the increase of smog alert days (please do not read cause and effect into that last statement).

    But who am I kidding; what spring?

    So now autumn pleases me the most but I have to wonder, with its whiff of death and decay and the encroaching dread of winter is this truly the best season for someone with a tendency toward melancholia?

    Rest assured, it will never be winter!

  7. I agree, bring on the fall and yummy curried squash soup. Also the camels (the hue not the animal)! I love the camels best of all.

  8. I take it you won't be moving to L.A. anytime soon?...

    I love the fall too- I think it's my favourite season by far.

  9. We just fell below 80 degrees for the first time in 7 months it seems. It's heaven. I can't wait to feel cold. And the taste of autumn air? More delicious seeming than anything we managed to cook on the grill. I hear ya.


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