Are We There Yet? Special Crayola Giveaway

**And the winners are... drumroll, please... Mamalooper and Sara! Yay! Congrats, friends, expect your parcels soon :) **

I love spending Christmas with my husband’s family. I love being in their cozy house; I love all of the food; I love staying up late to sit in front of the fire and chat or sit around the table and play games. I love that my kids are surrounded by grandparents and great-grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and friends.

The only thing that can put a damper on our week of family and Christmas celebrations, is getting there. In good weather, and outside of rush hour, it can take 3 ½ hours to travel to my in-laws. Add the possibility of some bad weather and an increased volume of holiday travelers on the road, and it can take almost twice as long. My kids are used to long drives and are good in the car, but anything I can do to keep peace and patience from disintegrating in the back seat is greatly appreciated.

With that in mind, I am offering two lucky readers a special gift from Crayola, to help keep the kids happy in the backseat and beyond. As a member of the Crayola Mom Advisory Panel, we have tried and tested new Crayola products all year, and these were definitely two of our faves. They are still in regular rotation at home, and both have the added bonus of transitioning really nicely to a travel toy, which is why I specially requested them for a giveaway.

No doubt the kids will be the recipients of lots of great toys this year, but I promise that these will rank high with them. And if you are facing a bit of a journey to get to your holiday celebrations, consider surprising them as you hit the road. You never know – you might even make it all the way there without ever hearing an, ‘Are we there yet?’ uttered from the backseat.

Enter to win one of TWO Crayola prizes:

Color Wonder Sound Studio with expansion pack
The interactive Creative Coloring Pad brings Color Wonder to life – with sounds! Choose from 60 sound effects that play while you color! Create endless sound combinations that play back when you color your picture. Available with a Disney Princess or Pixar Toy Story expansion pack –you choose!

*both my 3- 5-year-old girls love this

Twistables Pencil Sketch n’ Shade

All-inclusive portable set for sketching; twist pencils never need sharpening and are completely erasable. 27 bright, vibrant colour pencils and a 40-page sketchbook, plus PVC-free pouch for handy travel and storage.

*This was better suited to my 5-year-old

To be entered, simply leave a comment with your email address and your preferred prize! Prizes will arrive before Christmas. Contest ends Thursday, December 16.

Sorry, Canadian entries only.



  1. My kids would absolutely LOVE the twistables! They love anything they can mark with, pip squeak markers, jumbo markers... anything Crayola!

  2. I have no preference to either of the prizes as they would be for my single mom daughter who has two little girls ages 7 and 4....and when she does travel with them...they are always asking "are we there yet?" One of these prizes would keep them occupied for a while longer :) They love Crayola items and I ususaly make sure there is something Crayola under the tree for each of them every year! my email is reaumed@ciaccess.com :) Love your blogging Karen!

  3. Love Crayola stuff! kkatsiroumpas@hotmail.com

  4. My 4 year old boy would love, love , love the sound studio!!!

  5. My 4 1/2 year old boy might actually find colouring fun and then want to do it at school instead of refusing to. With the sounds and interaction, would keep his attention.


  6. Nice. We go through arts supplies like crazy these days.
    You have my email, no?

  7. Those look great! My 3 1/2 year old loves the regular Colour Wonder, so I'm sure she'd enjoy the sound studio.

  8. the Creative Coloring Pad would just tickle my youngest sons fancy! he loves coloring and make believe

  9. I was seriously considering getting the Sound Studio before my Christmas budget ran out. The boys would really get a kick out of it. trevorandalyssa@rogers.com

  10. Jane would love the second one!

  11. The girl would love the second one!


  12. Either of these would be a hit in our house!

  13. Color Wonder Sound Studio with expansion pack! How are you giving these away! I will plan a road trip just to use that bad boy! Love you...And, I can't believe how big our babies are getting!

  14. Oh, and my email...lisasophia75@hotmail.com

  15. Olivia would love and enjoy either prize.

    lawyergirley @gmail.com

  16. I would love the twistables for Pumpkinpie, who loves to draw and has two 10-hour trips ahead of her!

    And, well, if you don't know my email address by now... ;)

  17. Both looks like wonderful products; I think my daughter would like the Twistables Pencil Sketch n’ Shade better.


  18. My girls are arts and crafts nuts! The Twistables would be a hit with both of them.

  19. i really like the sound studio
    tcogbill at live dot com

  20. Either prize would be a hit with my boys but if I have to choose, I think they would like the Twistables Pencil Sketch n Shade best


  21. My boys would LOVE the color wonder sound set! Great giveaway - I really enjoy your blog and check in often!



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