Meal Plan Monday

I have a few things on tap for this week, including a new gig! If you haven't heard, Green is the new Bad, as in, I am the latest member of The Bad Moms Club. Check out what I'm bringing to the party every Monday, the baddest day of the week. This week: Lullaby Improv 101.

As for the food, a well-intentioned trip to the farmers' market on Saturday was kiboshed by pure laziness and fear of the cold, so I had to make due with pickins from the supermarket. I don't like to buy produce from far away lands, but it's January in Canada so unless I wanted us to subsist on potatoes and grossly overpriced hot house tomatoes, I had to add a bit of variety. I do make efforts to keep it seasonal, though.


Slow cooker butter chicken with chickpeas, carrots & spinach thrown in (prepped last and plugged in this morning)

Basmati rice


I’ll be at Theresa Albert’s Ace Your Health booklaunch getting even more ideas for healthy meals and healthy living, so the huz and the kids are on their own. I am suggesting they eat leftovers, but chances are they will have grilled cheese sandwiches and canned tomato soup, my husband's specialty. I do not say a word about such things, except thanks to the huz for being such an awesome, competent man who lets me have my fun.


Braised Lentils - a note on this recipe: we eat the lentils as a main, so skip the pork chop if you want. Don't be scared off by the words pre-cook or braise - this is actually a very simple recipe though you need a bit of chopping time. I use pancetta if I don't have double-smoked bacon, and I skip the creme fraiche at the end, though a tablespoon or so of butter at the end does make everything look and taste gorgeous.
Arugula Salad

Thursday: (no skating this week)

Salmon Patties – prepped the night before so I just have to pop them in the oven

Sweet potato fries
Steamed broccoli with garlic


I have no idea yet. Suggestions?

(No red meat, please; we had it twice last week!)



  1. My slow cooker's been working over time these days!

    Love it- especially on these crazy cold days.
    I made a killer vegetarian sweet potato chili, split pea soup with a cumbrea's smoked ham hock- delish.., slow cooker chicken thighs with orange zest and white wine served over Pappardelle last week. (recipe a la Jamie Oliver)
    Oh and I also made a chicken chickpea tikka with naan and basmati rice too.
    it was excellent- though the smell lingered in the house for a week.
    But well worth it.

    There's something so great about coming home at the end of the day to dinner already made and smelling fantastic.

  2. That's it, make your kids a bedroom in the basement. I'm moving in.

  3. Wow, can I come over to your house for dinner?! Your menus are great!

  4. ooo... butter chicken recipe??


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