Bedroom Makeover Part One

Hard to believe we've been in our house for six and a half years. That is, until I look around. There's no question that my kitchen needs a reno; it was meant to be done in the first year. Six years, two children, one layoff and one new flat roof later, we're still saving our pennies. But there are other things that really are begining to look a little... tired. The bathroom needs a change beyond the bath mat and shower curtain (my go-to refreshers), we never did put up the chair rail in the girls' room, and the bedroom wall colour we could live with 'for now?' It's been forever.

So we decided to do something about it! (My husband wants me to be very clear that when I say 'bedroom makeover,' I mean that in a purely decorative way. Note taken.) Behold! The old, barely-there blue that came with the bedroom is gone, and in its place is the colour of my sweet dreams, a hue with the ridiculous name of angel wings or pixie dust or some such nonsense, when really they mean that it is kind of grey with lavender undertones that looks different in every light. And I love it.

[Side note: I would be really good at coming up with paint names. They would be poetic and meaningful, like Corn Husks at Dawn or Broken Dreams or Trailer Park Sunset.]

So, without further ado, I present, our Bedroom Makeover, part one: new paint.



Next steps: a photo taken in better light; finishing touches that include something on the window besides the sheet we tacked up for my homebirth; a new rug and some accessories that are not empty water glasses, migrating hairclips or my husband's dirty socks! 




  1. I never ceased to be amazed at what a difference a fresh coat of paint in a good colour can make. And there are bedroom accessories that aren't stray hair clips and socks? I'll have to look into that!

  2. It's lovely! We have a saying around here about things that need doing: "The longer it sits, the more it looks like furniture."

    And, because I read this too quickly in order to skip back up to the pictures, I read about the sheet on the windows "...from my home birth" and I was "Wow - I know she's a bit crunchy, but that's too much." But then I read it again like a normal person, I feel a little bad that I'll believe anything on the internets these days, especially when I'm wrong.

  3. blah, blah, blogMarch 16, 2011

    So, you felt the need for discretion when delivering new life, but not when creating it? Or was it for blood splatter?

    And on that note, I look forward to Part II which I assume picks up on Chris' theme...

    Great colour. Love it!

  4. blah, blah, blogMarch 16, 2011

    Whoops, blood splatter comment meant to be in parentheses as that is not the note I want to pick up on!

  5. oooo I love that color also!

  6. I too had such ideas of grandeur, room makeovers or even just making my bed for this March Break, alas came the double ear infection. The colour is lovely though. My paint colour would be, "fuck it, this is all I have time for"

  7. also -snort- @ blah, blah, blog!

  8. ooooh i love! nice work. Can totally relate to that feeling of never quite getting around to fixing up the things we say we want to fix up. In our basement, we are still using a towel as a window covering.

  9. Auntie JennoMarch 20, 2011

    Nice quilt!!

  10. ooh, that's a lovely colour! I agree that a lick of fresh paint in a colour you like makes a HUGE difference. it's also about all we're willing to spend money on in terms of decorating.


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