Busy Season

Feels like I've been everywhere but here lately!

Here's a peek at what I've been up to:

I'm telling the story of why we decided to move to the country over at Everything Mom

I'm wondering if you consider your kid's choice of dress a wardrobe malfunction or just a rite of passage over at The Bad Moms Club

I'm still talking about #momthevote online and in the media

And I'm getting ready to be a speaker/presenter and Tribe Leader at Blissdom Canada!

I'm also trying to finish unpacking my house, get into the groove of our new routine and work on a few other exciting things that I'll be able to share soon.

How's your autumn going?



  1. Lol not as exciting or busy as yours! Can't wait to read more!

  2. I admit, I've been crazy curious as to what sparked the big move. So I just ate up your post on Everything Mom. It was a truly lovely and balanced perspective. Thanks for sharing. (p.s. See you at Blissdom Canada!)

  3. wow you are all over the place, and good places too. I can relate to your choices and dilemas on so many levels and I appreciate when people actully do things that they talk about. I did quit my job, am raising the kids first hand and I have no idea what I'm doing! We're finally working out a community garden at the Ontario Early Years Centre. Foodstock is next week! My autunm is pretty cool this year even if it is 25 degrees out.

  4. We are having a similar autumn to you and your family - just out on the west coast. Almost all unpacked, making new friends, settling into new routines. And getting used to a much-needed-but-strange-to-us slower pace.

    Will also be starting a new blog soon rather than resurrecting the old one. Feel the itch to write!


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