Who Wants To Win A Coffee Maker? I Do! I Do!

Well, it's the holiday season, and we all know what that means - we're T I R E D. And probably sick of shopping and maybe even broke.


Well, maybe not all of it, because I'm not parting with any of my husband's hard earned cash, but I can at least help maybe two out of three of those things.

So -

I am very excited to announce that I am giving away a TASSIMO T46 brewer as well as 2 sets of T-Discs to one of my lucky readers!

Isn't she a beaut? Keep it for yourself or give it to a coffee lover on your list. The Tassimo T46 brewer features cool bar code technology, Mavea(r) MAXTRA water filtration system and one-touch brewing   ensuring a perfect cup every time.

Aren't I pretty? I could be yours, all yours. Or maybe someone else's.

To enter, simply leave a comment letting me know who this lovely thing would be for, and why you/he/she needs it so badly.

Winner will be randomly drawn on December 15, 2011. Canadian participants only. sorry :(

Good luck!

Full disclosure, of course: I am hosting this giveaway because I love you and also because I get a free Tassimo T46 as well.



  1. I'd share this delicious piece of loveliness with my hubby. With 4 kids ages 4 and under coffee is considered an essential rather than a luxury. I've been eyeballing these for a while as I hate brewing a whole pot not knowing when I'll get to it and having progressively stronger cups all day!

  2. You know this is my guilty pleasure...

  3. I think I would give it to my parents for Christmas. The budget is tight this year and I am so trying to stick to it which is hard with 4 kids, 2 getting into their pre-teens and a barbie just does not do it anymore. My parent tell me they do not need anything, but they do so much for me and my family, I would love to give them more. Also, when I visit with them, I can indulge in a cup as well. I guess that would make it a win win situation.

  4. I could lie...and say I would give this to a needy coffee loving person...but that person would end up being me. :) I would love love love to have this. Mu husband has his espresso machine that he fusses with each morning...me...I want a Tassimo. Thanks for the chance!


  6. KG - you know WHY I need this! Sleepless nights at home and then off to Vaughan for the day. I need it so that I can write copy files (because my incredibly smart & talented copywriter colleague/friend) left me to move to the country (I told you she was smart!), and because I have to proof things and write creative briefs and get approvals - and, you know, you need CAFFEINE for those things!!!
    And for the record, if I win, it will come with me to Vaughan because the coffee there is not so good!!!
    Pick me, pick me!!!

  7. Gosh I think I would keep this beauty all for myself. I've been wanting to try out some festive specialty coffees on my own and this would really put them over the top. Thanks for the chance to win santa... ho ho ho!

  8. This would be a lovely gift for my sister. Every year we do Christmas at her place and i would love to be able to give this to her as a hostess gift!! It would make for the best after dinner coffees!


  9. This is karma. I was wodering what to get for Mandy this year as I am so proud of her finihsing school, getting a full time job and now, finally getting her own place. The onlt thing she loves more than clothes is coffee. It figures heavily in he life. Daily. Hourly, sometimes. So, I thought what better gift than a new Tassimo for her new place. She has been using one at our hosue for 3 years now and it is her life blood, honestly. She would miss it terribley!

    ...also you owe me for calling me a hoarder!!!!!!

  10. This coffee maker would be for ME! All mine! All mine! Okay, I'd share her with my colleagues. I need this coffee maker because the current coffee at work is giving me gut rot and to constantly hit Starbucks is giving my wallet gut rot!

  11. Not going to lie - it would be for me! (And T, of course.) We're only doing presents for the kids this year in order to try to get on top of the financial situation. It would be SO nice to put something under the tree for us, too. AND, we'll NEED coffee on Christmas morning...

  12. zritchford@hotmail.comDecember 07, 2011

    I would give this to my husband who has graciously taken care of the baby every night since she was born 2 years ago! That's a lot of sleepless nights!

  13. As the only coffee drinker in my household, I would give myself the gift of an easy delicious cup of coffee every day and probably save a ton of dough by not getting my daily fix from Starbucks!


  14. Gotta be honest with you and say that I would totally keep this for myself. As the only coffee drinker in a house with two kids who do not yet sleep through the night at 4 and 2, and who also love to get up at the crack of stupid ie. between 4-5am, I NEED coffee.

  15. My 21 y/o DD, who's in university, and living with us, would love one of these little machines -- it would mean she could make coffee in her room even in the middle of the night (she's nocturnal, like the pet African pygmy hedgehog we once had). Less risk of waking the lighter sleepers in the household -- it would be the next best thing to a bigger house!

  16. Hi Karen,
    It's mine! All mine!
    I am the only coffee drinker in my house. I have had affairs with bodums, 1-cup drip baskets, *looks around guiltily* instant, you name it. I finally caved and got a low-end Tassimo for my kitchen because I couldn't justify the Starbucks budget.
    Now I have to say, It is lovely. Every morning I wake up and issue forth a zombie moan which at once means 'uuuuuugh I am awake still/again' and 'cofffffeeeeeeee' and Shawn (yes, named after Shawn of the Dead) delivers sweet caffeinated bliss.
    But here's the thing.
    My home office is down in the basement.
    Now I used to just brew a cup and head down, but that was before childcare became an on-site thing. Now I have to run away downstairs and totally disappear ("Mummy's gone to the vortex! She'll be home soon.") otherwise my adorable girl will freak out if she so much as smells me. Which means I am down there jonesing for coffee and cursing while I should be working. Or tweeting. Whichever.
    That's where this Tassimo comes in.
    I am going to set it up in my office so I can stay undercover, and the smell of the hot lovely coffee will throw my scent.
    It's a 2-prong approach, really. ;)
    So what do you say? *winks suggestively*

    Thanks so much for this opp Karen! It's great. Good luck everyone!

  17. The Tassimo Coffee Maker would be for my Mom! She is a heavy coffee drinker and Starbucks/Tim Hortons is just too expensive!! She really needs it badly!!

    Thank you so much!!:) Merry Christmas!

  18. I would like to win for my Mother in law - big coffee drinker!

  19. Kathy (kkatsiroumpas@hotmail.com)December 14, 2011

    I'd give it to my parents. They've had a rough year and could use a little more caffeine in their lives.

  20. I would LOVE to win this for my mum. She has been so supportive through a lot of stressful times over the last year and deserves to have a much simpler morning. She works full time and takes care of her mother and having to not worry about one more thing would make her christmas. This would be a greatly appreciated treat that she would enjoy every day. Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  21. for us! Hubs has just started drinking coffee again after years off of java - and won't Gramma & Grampa be pleased not to have to lug out their old hand-me-down perk-o-later that we store in the basement for when they visit! (and just think of the crafts we can make at daycare with the little cuppy things!!)

  22. I would gift this lovely machine to myself. No one else here drinks coffee and it's a shame making a full pot when I need a cup. And I loooove fancy coffees but have no budget for them. Thanks so much for the fun contest!

  23. I love coffe. I'd marry coffee if I could. But I understand you can even make fancy-schmancy coffees with the Tassimo. Very cool. I would never have to leave home again, though i suppose i would have to take care of the kids from time to time. But at least I would have yummy coffee with me! So please pick me,.... Pretty please!

  24. LesliCKellow on twitterDecember 14, 2011

    It would be for me and I would barely ever share it with anyone else. Maybe just on special occasions.

  25. I'd give this to my husband. Each year I suggest buying him one and he doesn't want me to spend the money on it. I'd love to make "this year" the year both our wishes are granted.

  26. It would be for me. I love coffee. I tried for a whole year to win one after all my friends won one.

  27. First off: I AM PHYSICALLY DEPENDENT ON CAFFEINE, so, clearly I need this machine. Second: I will be brutally honest, this coffee machine would be for my loving boyfriend and I. We moved to Toronto from Nova Scotia just under 2 years ago, and while we are still trying to "make it big" in this city, we can't afford to go home for Xmas. With that said, we aren't doing any gift exchanges with anybody since we are away/broke (not even between the two of us) so this coffee machine would be a wonderful Xmas gift to each other :) Would be so nice to brew a nice latte with this Xmas morning (and perhaps, throw a little holiday cheer aka Baileys in there)... Please, choose your East Coast readers!!!!!! :):):)


    Missing family and the motherland on Xmas.


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