My personal NaBloPoMo

In an effort to reignite my blogging juices, I am taking part in my very own NaBloPoMo. My goal, like anybody that has ever foolishly partaken in such an endeavor, is to blog every day for a month.

But I know I won’t do that.

For one thing, we are going away for a 10th anniversary mini-break in one week (yay!) and I will not be bringing my laptop to Chicago. I suppose I could pre-write a few posts and set them to publish on the days that we are gone, but you all know that I am not that organized. Then, a little further along in May, my eldest daughter is turning seven, and although I have not yet organized anything for her in terms of a party (see previous sentence), we will have a houseful of house guests and I doubt I will post anything while they are here.

But that’s not the point.

The point is, I have been neglecting this little corner of my world, and the more I neglect it, the more daunting it seems to return to it, and yet, the more affection I seem to have for it. I love this little space. I miss it.

I want it back.

Let the games begin.



  1. We are the lucky ones! Welcome back.

  2. I am wildly waving my pom-poms!


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