Kids Say the Durndest Things

Whenever we walk into a store, my four-year-old asks if we can head to the 'kids ection.' I always tell her that we will if we have time, to which she always inquires, 'After the grocery ection?' I never correct her speech or her pronunciation of things, as this kind of cute doesn't last, and it amuses me so. I also have never told her that the princess' name is not actually Jazzbert, and if you tell her, I will cut you.

My older daughter, just turned seven, is clear and concise in her speech and easy to understand. An enthusiastic storyteller, she spends much of her time writing missives, drawing pictures and narrating her dolls' actions. She also comes up with some classics, both in her eager attempts at spelling, and her plot devices. For instance, according to her recent Mother’s Day card, my favourite food is ‘brownees’ and she loves me best when I am ‘baking cockees.’  I’ll take it.

So of course, when I read this post at Bunch, I almost fell over laughing. And then I totally stole the idea, ran downstairs with a notebook, and quizzed my own kids. It was a fun experiment, but I did initially make two mistakes while conducting my experiment: Number one, I tried to talk to them while The Wild Kratts was on. I actually prefer the Kratt brothers in non-cartoon form, but my children are smitten. I had to wait until the show was over and their eyes became unglazed before they would really play ball. The second mistake I made, was to allow my seven-year-old to answer first, as it meant that the four-year-old would just parrot whatever her big sister said. So I wised up and asked the four-year-old first, knowing that the seven-year-old would never want to give the same baby answer.

The results were nowhere near as eloquent as in the Bunch post, but amusing nonetheless, and motherhood is about nothing if not getting your children to amuse you.

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Where there's smoke, there's ...
(7) Fire. 
(4) Fire. 

A penny saved is ...
(4) A baby elephant?
(7) A letter. Definitely a letter. 

Two's company; three's ...
(4) A freezer.
(7) Two plus one.

Strike while the ...
(4) Baby elephant is eating leaves. 
(7) Whatever you're trying to strike is not moving.

It's always darkest before ...
(4) The sunset.
(7) The stars come out. 

Never underestimate the power of ...
(4) Electricity.
(7) Why are you doing this, mom? This is too hard. I don't even know what 'underestimate' means! 

You can lead a horse to water, but ...
(4) You can't go under its butt. It will kick you.
(7) I don't think you can lead a horse mom. I think you have to lure it to the water, then tie it up.  

Don't bite the hand that ...
(4) You eat with. 
(7) Could bite you back. 

A change is as good as a ...
(4) Baby elephant.
(7) Barbie. 



  1. Ha! Baby elephants! The Wild Kratts are the bomb around here too. Completely all consuming.

  2. This is amazing. I love the elephant theme.

    I might have to, um, borrow it.

  3. Bwahahahaha :-) These are hilarious. I may also borrow the concept ...

  4. Hahahahaha. Love this!!!

  5. My fave is the "Mom why are you doing this..." SO what my kiddo would say. lol

  6. Oh, I love this so hard.

  7. I LOVE this Karen! I'm totally going to steal it too! :)

  8. Oh that's adorable. My daughter is only two...I wonder what kind of responses I'd get if I asked...or how long her interest in the exercise would last. I'd probably get a lot of "huh?" as answers. :)

    p.s. my fav from your daughters' responses is "Strike while the..." Too funny.

  9. totally want to do this!


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