BlogHer '12: A Recap in Pictures

Working on a much more introspective post about BlogHer, blogging, and writing in general. But that my friends, is for a day with more coffee and less post-BH burnout.

For now, please to enjoy.

View from the Official Canadian Party
(Also: proof that in the exact perfect circumstances,
a Blackberry can take a decent picture.)

Bone marrow the size of my arm @ Minetta Tavern

I love NY, @emma_willer & @scarbiedoll

Roomies. Felt a bit crowded once Darth and Kirk moved in.

Lower East Side

Kicking off the conference with a live address from
President Obama

Martha Stewart being unapologetically Martha

Lisa Stone & Katie Couric

@candacedx @boredmommy

@scarbiedoll @mamanongrata @emmawaverman

#blog2012 with @neilochka @lauriewrites @schmutzie
(proof that I in fact made it to a few sessions)

Photo-bombing The Pioneer Woman
(Which I then felt compelled to tell her I had done.
So really, I should have just asked her for a photo.)


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  1. During that #blog2012 session, I was sitting ONE ROW behind you for most of it. I moved to the back row towards the end so I could get a drink and stifle an insane coughing fit.

    SO CLOSE, yet nothing.

    Next year.