My Top Fives



My mother's apple cake
photo courtesy of Katharine Romanow from Jewish Women's Archive 

NY or Montreal bagel with cream cheese and lox
photo from Wynona Street

Schwaggy Chinese Food

Good Chinese Food




New York, NY
My own picture

Tofino, BC

Toronto, ON

Temagami, ON
My own picture

Western Galilee, Israel
Picture from Israel In An Instant


Got any top fives of your own?

p.s. This post was such a pain in the ass to put together and looks so amateur that it motivated me to finally get my new site going! Details very soon.



  1. I love, love Meet Me in St. Louis!

    You have inspired me to do a Top 5 post on my blog. Look for it soonish. I hope.

    I look forward to the new site, and wish you all the luck with that, Karen!

  2. I prefer schwaggy Mexican to schwaggy Chinese, but I get the allure.

    Good luck with your new site!

    Btw- I taught my 4 year-old how to cheer, "Brrrrr, it's cold in here! There must be some Torros in the atmosphere!"

  3. Bring It On is one of my all time faves.
    "Bring it."

    "It's already been brought-en."

  4. I'm still stuck on "Fall On Your Knees" - I LOVED that book when it came out. That was the era of incest-related books, eh?

    And if you need website advice (isn't unsolicited advice THE best! Hah), loving Squarespace. Schmutzie got me onto it - designed my site too if you wanna go that far but you can do it ALL yourself.

  5. @Sandra - yeah, you like square space? also, I *believe* I was the one that reco'd Schmutzie :)

  6. Stand by Me and Revolutionary Road are up there for me as well
    WTF is on the head of that woman? I don't recognize any of the food in front of her


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